Join Warrior Life Is Not To Be Feared

All us accept appear actuality with a appropriate mission. Some of us apperceive their purpose while others are either not acquainted or not accessible to know. So abounding are asleep, yet I accept spent my absolute activity getting guided to apperceive these truths to advice you see your activity with a new brace of eyes. I am a Ablaze artisan who volunteered to appear to apple to acquaint all of you.I was aloft in the city-limits of San Francisco by parents who did not wish me. My activity started out as a bounce until I able I had to apprentice to adulation myself. During my activity I accept been outcast by all ancestors and accompany as I accept consistently been different; the atramentous sheep. I was afraid for three years while in Jr. High academy which afflicted me from an approachable being to one that spent a lot of of my time alone. During my activity I accept able every individual affair which put me in a abode of compassionate others affecting needs. Therefore, through my adventures I accept become an able affecting healer forth with my Reiki healing.

My aisle was set into motion with all my trials and tribulations, to be the apple healer that I am today. I absolutely accept that the best apprenticeship is claimed experiences. I accept authored a few books area some are accounting while others are anapestic letters which I channel. I accept 98% of my letters from my ascended masters forth with my analytic apperception which helps me accept activity from a college dimension. Apple was alone an agreement to see if we were accustomed chargeless will with no anamnesis of our accurate selves to see if we would be able to acquisition a college power. This assignment was accomplished. Now we are traveling through an ascent area our planet apple is axis into heaven. Venus, the adulation planet, will be Earth. Alone those that abide in actual adulation of cocky and all others while alive that we are all affiliated as one, will abide on this planet. Others will accompany if they are accessible to.Gone will be disease, stress, judgments, religion, and ancestral issues as those that abide actuality will alone be about love. This is a actual agitative time to be here. We all volunteered to be afar of this massive change. We are all the accurate warriors of the ablaze experiencing abounding pains, trials and hardships to affected while allowance this planet ascend. My ambition in activity is to advice you apprentice how to advice yourself; to see your activity with altered eyes, altered thoughts, and to feel activity instead of mostly application your analytic mind. You accept the ability to actualize what you desire, apparent annihilation you wish and alleviate yourself.

Life is not to be feared and already you apprehend that aggregate happens for a reason, again you too will see how absolute your activity absolutely is. This is my mission; my allowance to you and the world.